Preparing Your Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment

As you progress in your orthodontic treatment, there may come a time when orthodontic bands need to be placed on your teeth. To ensure a proper fit and alignment, separators are often used prior to the banding appointment. These small rubber doughnuts are carefully placed between your teeth to create space, allowing for the seamless placement of orthodontic bands during your next visit.

The separators work by gently pushing your teeth apart, creating enough room for the bands to be securely positioned. This step is crucial for achieving optimal results and ensuring that the bands fit comfortably and effectively on your teeth. Dr. Weibel will determine the specific timing and duration for wearing separators based on your unique treatment plan.

It’s important to note that separators are temporary and will be removed before the actual banding procedure. The process of removing the separators is quick and straightforward, and our team will ensure that it is a comfortable experience for you.