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Navigating Common Issues with Braces from Weibel Orthodontics

Braces have become a familiar part of many people’s lives, offering the promise of a straighter smile. While modern braces are more comfortable than ever, there are still potential risks to consider based on your lifestyle. Here are some common issues and how to manage them.

Mouth Injuries
Protecting your lips and mouth is crucial, especially during physical activities. Even a simple fall can cause damage when you have braces. Our team at Weibel Orthodontics recommends wearing a mouthguard for all sports and high-impact activities to prevent injuries.

Increased Risk of Tooth Decay
Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential with braces. Flossing and brushing may require extra effort, but neglecting them can lead to tooth decay and other problems. Explore tools like pre-threaded floss or water flossers to help clean around braces effectively. If you’re struggling, talk to us about alternative options.

Activity-Related Issues
Braces can sometimes cause minor inconveniences in daily activities. Musicians may need time to adjust to playing with braces, while singers or public speakers might experience pronunciation issues or discomfort. Most of these issues improve with time, but if they persist, our orthodontic team can offer solutions for relief.

Addressing Concerns
While most people don’t experience long-term complications with braces, it’s essential to address any concerns early on. By knowing what to expect and communicating with our team at Weibel Orthodontics, you can tackle minor issues before they become major annoyances. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule your next visit and ensure your orthodontic journey goes smoothly.

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